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Terri Ward

The Heart of The Front Porch Genealogist


Hi! I'm Terri!

I am a storyteller, researcher, and chronicler of Coastal Georgia history and a lineage liberator focused upon African American Genealogy. My ancestral quest began with childhood memories and a desire to RIGHT the record, as well as WRITE the record.

With a B.A. in Foreign Language and a passion for cultural history, I've built a vast library of case studies, databases, and presentations. My expertise lies in providing a framework for effective genealogical research, overcoming obstacles, and fostering collaboration. Join me as we delve into the stories of our ancestors, untangling the threads that tie us to history and each other.

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What It's Like to Work With Me

Wilson Moran, Harris Neck Advocate, Featured Speaker for the 1619

“This young lady is the real deal. Honest to a fault, a dedicated truth seeker,  I've known her for many years. —Always looking and digging . . . And called to do the work that she does. Thank You Terri.”

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